Coconut Creek Landscaping: How to Estimate the Price of a Landscaping Job

How much do you charge for each landscaping job? You can’t give a straight answer right because each job has a different price depending on the services you provide and the coverage area of the job. Even the best Coconut Creek landscaping team experiences this kind of difficulty.

According to the StartUpInformant, pricing landscape services is indeed a hard task especially if you are a newbie in this business. However, the ceiling pricing of landscaping jobs has been set in areas where the competition becomes neck to neck. In some instances, you will also encounter customers who don’t want to pay your rate even if it only ranges from $5 or more.

In this case, you have to take note that you are in the commodity business and there are very limited ways to differentiate the provided services in the landscaping business. You have to keep everything in balance by making enough to keep your business running while sticking to a competitive price.

Whatever kind of landscaping or lawn maintenance service your customers want, they would want to know how much the job costs upfront no matter how simple it is. Therefore, it is a must that you develop the skills of estimating the right price right then and there. But the problem is, the estimating part can be treated as a science. It’s easy to drop a price but one wrong decision and it could cost you more when it comes to time and resources.

Is there a tool that can help you determine the right price?

There are software packages that you can invest on like the LandPro and CLIP Systems to get the job right. These tools are specifically made for landscaping businesses to estimate prices for each job. But for the general overview of determining prices based on your educated guess, keep reading.

Your goal as a Coconut Creek landscaping service provider is to determine the right price or cost together with your profit.

To be a reliable Coconut Creek landscaping service provider, you have to be reasonable when pricing by considering all the materials that will be used for the job from plants, topsoil, mulch, bricks, as so much more which you’ve marked up based on your retail and wholesale price. It should also include the labor of your employees and subcontractor, your own and rented equipment, and other costs of your general business according to the plan.

Your estimate should show the exact products and services you offer, and the materials that will be used in the job. In this Coconut Creek landscaping industry, it’s a standard that you provide a free estimate. It is also advised by and a well-known Coconut Creek landscaping team, ET Landscaping.