Enjoy Delicious and Fresh Lobster Online to be Delivered Immediately to Customer’s Kitchen

Galicia is a green, rainy region found in Spain’s northwest corner and famous for serving the best sea foods in the country. The reason is because Galicia enjoys about 1500 km of coastline, making fishes, mussels, crabs, and others as part of their diet. There are several varieties of mariscos (shellfish), Galicia can offer, and buy lobster (comprar bogavante), here is a dozen of essential mollusks and crustaceans the place has to offer:

  • octopus (pulpo/polbo) –       goose-neck barnacles (percebes)
  • velvet crab (necora) –       spider crab (centollo/centolo)
  • shrimp (camaron/gamba) –       Norway lobster (cigala)
  • clams (almejas/ameixas) –       cockles (berberechos)
  • razor clams (navajas/navallas) –       mussels (mejillones/mexillons)
  • scallops (vieiras) –       variegated scallops (zamburinas)

Along the lengthy Galician coastline, there are many fishing harbors where local fishing fleets go out to sea every day to catch shellfish and fish from the rich and fertile waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea.

When touring around Galicia, one can visit any of the fish markets in any of the fishing harbors and watch how the day’s catch is auctioned during the afternoons, when the boats have returned to port soon after collecting their nasas (a narrow-necked basket used by Galician fishermen for traditional fishing). Spider crabs, lobsters, velvet crabs, rock lobsters are all found in the afternoon auction and the tides can set the price of how shellfish is extracted, as in the case of cockles, clams and goose barnacles.

Strolling along the busy Galician towns and villages, the range of shellfish and fish become noticeably huge and extremely varied in terms of quality and price. Bargains are non-existent since Galician shellfish is one of the best in the world, and are seasonal products. They can’t be harvested during times that were fixed by Xunta de Galicia (the regional government) to preserve the supply.

The closed seasons are in the months of May, June, July and August, months with no “r”, which is, unfortunately, the peak seasons for tourists. Other sea foods can be enjoyed, but to enjoy shellfish delicacies, the best seasons are winter and autumn, since many species are harvested better quality shellfish are available.

There are lots of restaurants to visit, all offering delicious and excellent sea foods, although advance booking is essential. A tourist can actually verify with fishermen the best place to eat since they know which local restaurants buy the best ingredients every day from the market. A customer can order shellfish and fish to be brought at home.

There is already an onset for online selling of guaranteed Galician shellfish and fish and imported seafood as well. One such site is Mariscodevigo.com under the management of Seafood of Vigo. The site is currently offering discount on featured products that can be delivered fresh or cooked in sea water with 12 to 24 hours using special transport to ensure the product will reach the kitchen without losing its freshness.

Seafood of Vigo is a company with extensive experience about Galician fish and seafood. Every day they visit Galician markets to bring oysters from Arcade, spider crabs from O Grove, clams from Carril, lobsters from A Guarda, scallops from Cambados, coquinas from O Barqueiro, goose barnacles from O Roncudo, etc.

Rather than undergo the rigors of shopping at Galicia, Seafood of Vigo offers the harvest of these delicious salt and fresh water fish and shellfish such as lobster through their online shop at mariscodevigo.com.