Everything You Need to Know Before Shifting to LED Lighting

Say goodbye to your old lighting fixtures as LED light bulbs start to invade the lighting industry. Unlike your old lighting LED light bulbs are energy-efficient meaning using it can help you lessen your daily energy usage.

As many home owners already switched to LED lighting, what’s holding you to do the same? This won’t be a problem as numerous tienda online de iluminación led (online led lighting shop) are ready to serve you and provide your needs. To help you widen your knowledge when it comes to LED lighting, here are some of the things you need to know about LED lighting:

LED Light Bulbs Comes in Various Colors

There is this thing called “light temperature” This is measure in the Kelvin which is seen on the packet of any light bulb. The Kelvin scale identified the corresponding temperature for each LED colors. As a rule of the thumb, the lower the number the warmer the light is. This is the reason on why communities living in colder climates tend for LED with warmer light and people on hotter climates prefer something white or blue.

It Can Replace Bulbs Even in a Circuit

This is only ideal for spotlight type of bulbs. You can replace it depending on its voltage or mains. You can tell if it’s low voltage if it has pins for connection and mains have pegs. For lighting with pegs, you are encouraged to change all bulbs all the way. For low voltage bulbs with pins, things can be more complicated. This kind of bulb has a built-in transformer either on the ceiling or the light fitting and has an in built circuitry that can deal with transformers so changing them is not an option.

It Comes with Dimmer Light

If you want dimmer bulbs, you’ll have to pay more but do not worry as they are available across the nation. All you need to do is to look for the dimmable sign at the packet of the bulb. As additional information, LED lights are using lesser energy so you may want to replace its switches with dimmer switches but ask a qualified electrician to do the work for you.

It Comes in Various Fitting Options

As you start using LED light bulbs, I’m not surprised if you have a range of light bulbs in your kitchen with different fitting options. In this case, you must ensure that you match the fitting to the once you are buying. Just to ensure, you can take the light bulbs with you or use it as a reference as you buy online.

As you change your lighting, you should think about it as a home improvement project. You need to buy one first to see if it perfectly fits your home before you replace the rest of the bulbs. Once you have changed all the bulbs, you can now sit back and relaxed as you enjoy your energy-efficient light bulbs.