Men’s Guide to Selecting the Best Style and Design of T-Shirts

When it comes to selecting the style and design of t-shirts, there are two kinds of men that clash all the time.

There are those men who prefer to wear t-shirts either as an undershirt or an outer shirt in any occasion. Thus, it serves as their staple apparel inside their wardrobe. These men typically wear t-shirts with just a little or no thought at all.

Then, there are those men who prefer to wear the traditional clothes and sees t-shirts as sloppy looking shirts outside the gym or beach. In their mindset, t-shirts should never be worn as on outerwear or stand alone. But nowadays, the result is clear that both teams still remain at peace though the first one clearly dominates in all parts of the globe. Camisetas are considered as a classic and very versatile type of apparel that can be paired with other clothes in different occasions.

There are always ways to wear camisetas to make them look better and enhance once fashion sense. Originally, t-shirts were created as an undershirt and comes in one piece before it reached its current modern look nowadays. To make sure that you get the right shirt, consider the following factors below:

  • The word fit is inseparable with clothing’s style and design. To make sure that your t-shirt will look great on you, take note of its size and fit on your body.
  • Tightness and size. The size and tightness are the twin partner of “fitness”, your shirt should not be too tight or too baggy when worn. A too baggy t-shirt will look like a sagging pillowcase on your and make you look sloppy. On the other hand, a too tight t-shirt will make you look stuffed like a sausage in spite of your bulging muscles underneath it. If you have a goof body built, you can opt for a tighter one to emphasize your muscles, but never overdo it.
  • Shoulder seams. This should be aligned precisely to your shoulder ends not lower than your arms or towards the neck.
  • Sleeve length. Normally, this should be halfway up of your upper arms. If you’re very tall, it would look more proportional even if it exceeds a little longer down your upper arms.
  • Shirt length. Your t-shirt’s hem should be no longer than the length of your hips. It should at least cover your waistband or a little longer below to make sure your butt or belly won’t say hello if you move or bend.
  • If you’re not that confident to enter a new fashion sense, avoid boxy t-shirts. It would make you look like a sandwich with big sleeves. Stay on the safe side where the shirt’s cut would enhance your body shape.

You may find it hard to look for the perfect fit t-shirt that puts a check mark on all these items. But if you’re looking for great options like Camisetas para bomberos (T-shirts for firefighters) and more, see They offer a wide range option of the best Camisetas para bomberos online available in different color, sizes, and styles.