Start-Up Lessons for Your First Bullfighting Event

Are you preparing to watch your first bullfighting game? I do hope that you are thrilled because many people who are attending this kind of event has a mixture of emotion as they are about to witness a foreign and unforgettable event. But, do not forget to buy regalos taurinos (bullfighting gifts) for your love ones.

Why Do People Attend this Kind of Event? 

Bullfighting fans are commonly called as “aficionados”, these people are fond of this event as they want to witness a powerful, artistic, sensory and dangerous event. Although bullfighting is a form of art, aficionados are watching it due to the matador’s performance, whether the breed of the bull of good or no and if the matador will succeed.

As for foreigners like you, there is a huge chance that you want to watch the said event because you want to take part of a cultural spectacle or make up your mind when it comes to a controversial topic.

Things to Remember Before Attending Bullfighting Events

  • At the main event, brace yourself as you’ll see the wounding and killing of 6 bulls.
  • The bulls used in this kind of event are all wild animals and bred specifically for the fight. Aside from that, they have minimal human contact making them more vicious.
  • The bulls will be staying inside the ring for 6 minutes and the occasion could last for 2-3 and half hours or more, depending on the circumstances that could take place during the event.
  • You’ll be able to see an injured bullfighter. Once this happened, the matador will immediately receive a medical attention that is why the entire bullring in Spain has to have their own medical facility. Although it is rare for a matador to die in the ring, unexpected severe injuries can often occur.
  • In these circumstances, the severely injured bullfighter is carried off to the operating table very quickly and the severity of the injury is only known by the spectator due to the reports after the event.
  • Bullfighting has many historic occasions as injured Matador remained inside the ring and finishes their performance before they walk straight into the operating room without any help.
  • The bulls can jump. They are instances wherein a bull will attempt to jump over the perimeter to explore the surroundings. But, they rarely jump out of it and reach the audience.
  • There is a chance that you can leave the event before it ends but in most rings, you are not allowed to stand or leave your sit while a bull is in the ring.
  • If you wish to show your support, you should take a white handkerchief with you.
  • If you want to increase your understanding, it is best to attend it with a knowledgeable aficionado to explain things to you as it takes place.

Being aware of the following information stated above is a huge thing for a first-time bullfight watcher because you’ll be able to understand the event a lot better and as a result, you are enjoying yourself as you watch a historic event.