This is How to Use Aluminum Oven Molds Like a Pro

What’s on your To-Do list today? If you plan on buying a set of bakeware and train on becoming the next best baker in the world, you already have my vote. Baking is indeed one of the most fun things to do especially if you want something to do with your mom or siblings. The process of baking induce fun from the collecting the ingredients, measuring them, mixing them, until the finished products are right under your nose.

Aluminum Oven Molds

However, you still have to take note of some things before digging in your heels and spending money on a brand new set of bakeware. You will learn here how to properly use aluminum moldes para horno (oven molds) and how to ensure your health.

First things first, if you are going to use an oven mold that is made from aluminum, take note of these things. Aluminum is a type of toxic metal that anyone wouldn’t want to be in their food as it can cause a long-term health illness like Alzheimer’s disease. However, this is not an enough reason for you to cross it out from your list when all you want is to get some cookie sheets, muffin tins, and cake puns to do some baking.

If you are going to look back on your Chemistry class about aluminum, it will only cause a problem on baking when scratched. Hence, we highly opposed to the use of metal utensils when taking out cookies or cupcakes from aluminum moldes para horno (oven molds). This is to avoid scratching the metal and releasing it to the food. Silicone or wooden spatulas are the best choices for handling your foods while using aluminum moldes para horno.

Is There a Risk for Inhaling Aluminum Vapors?

When it comes to baking, this is one of the least that you should worry about. Aluminum vapor does not cause risks when it came from bakeware. You don’t need too much heat when baking unless you want to end up with some really unsightly food that should dive in the trash before anyone could eat them. This means that the danger of inhalation is far from what those workers experience at aluminum plants. Besides, vapors would only appear once the oven molds are already nearing its melting point.

For some extra precaution, opt for unbleached baking cups on your muffin tins, and unbleached parchment paper as the cover of your bakeware. However, cooking is another story so don’t get confused if it is also advisable to use an aluminum cookware. But to answer that now, it’s not. Acidic food can cause the aluminum metal to trickle into the food, which you wouldn’t want to happen, ever.

So when it comes to baking aluminum is still one of the best and safe to use now that you know how to use it already. For the most recommended moldes para horno (oven molds) that you can order online, just visit