Ways of Selecting the Perfect Military Uniform

Do you find military uniforms as interesting piece of clothing? You are actually right because military uniforms are clear identification of individuals that are part of a force organized to defend the country. But in the United States, military uniforms are also considered as a fashion statement since the colonial times.

Being worn by the current branches of the military you can see it worn by the Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and the Coast Guard but their uniforms vary in style and even the pattern of their camouflage differs on the branches of the military.

If you are planning to comprar ropa militar (buy military clothes), you should be aware that it is consists of the following pieces from hats, helmets, shirts, and pants. Aside from those it also includes badges, medals, insignias, braids and more. Wearing military uniforms might make you fill that you are one of the heroes of the country you should think twice about wearing them for the reason that civilians wearing military uniforms are against the law.

But, if you are only a military uniform collector you probably have your own preference when it comes to the time period where the uniforms come from. They are various types of military uniforms you can choose from, as their forms, functions, and designs change over the years.

  • Revolutionary War

During the revolutionary war wearing of uniforms are not very common as most soldiers wear civilian clothing during the Siege of Boston. But as George Washington start taking command, hunting shirts as a field garment is implemented for uniformity. The shirt is made from linen and looks similar with a farmer’s smock with an added fringed cape.

The brown uniform was presented in 1775 and by 1779 the uniform is designated with blue as the main color and with colored fabrics depending on the region from the soldier came from.

  • The Civil War

During the civil war, there is a wider variety when it comes to the uniform which includes the color as uniforms are provided by the towns, states, and some wealthy individuals. At the later part, blue was adopted to be the official color for the Union soldiers and gray is used for Confederate soldiers making the uniforms more standard.

  • World War I

During this era, soldiers wore a uniform that includes a khaki wool cloth tunic, short standing collar and four flap pockets that are seen in the front. The cuffs of their uniforms are plain and the jacket was cut for a close fit.

  • World War II

During the WWII, numerous uniforms are developed and issue to the Army and its other divisions. US soldiers have been using a woolen uniform in Europe and the Herringbone fatigues are used for the Pacific.

Today, the current members of the military can purchase their uniforms and accessories within their base, military exchange, military surplus stores and on online sites like www.militarialagleize1944.com. The same goes for you military uniform collector but you should remember that military uniforms are not meant to be worn by civilians.